Thornbury has a long association with Brass Bands; the first recorded band was The Thornbury Baptist Church Band which was set up by Baptist Minister Walter Reed who was appointed in 1903 and purchased out of his own pocket the instruments needed to form a Band, sadly Walter Reed died in 1905 but the Band continued and flourished under the Baton of Bandmaster Phillips, in 1909/1910 the Band was known as the Thornbury Baptist Prize Band, it is thought that the demise of this Band was due to the 1st World War because after the war the band never reformed.

Records show that around 1915 Thornbury Town Brass Band existed and had around 20 members, some of these members having previously belonged to The Thornbury Baptist Prize Band, information about the band is very sketchy but it seems probable that the band did not last long as there were attempts made to start a new band called Thornbury District Band using the instruments left from the Thornbury Baptist Prize Band and taking possession of the Challenge Cup that the band had won, it is not known if Thornbury District Band ever got the instruments and Cup but over time the band faded away.

The Current Thornbury Town Band has a long history that can be traced back to the 1800’s and a Military Band called the Winterbourne Wind Band, the band later changed to an all brass format and during the 1920’s was known as the Hambrook Prize Band which by all accounts was a very successful contesting band, the band was also known as the Hambrook Silver Band whose few remaining members in 1974 reformed the Band in Thornbury, the band flourished in Thornbury and at a concert in December 1974 the then Mayor of Thornbury, Mr. Peter Birkett who was also the band President announced that the Band was to change its name to The Thornbury Band.

The Thornbury Band became very successful winning regional and national competitions and was a consistent Championship section band for many years until it disbanded in 2004.

The current Thornbury Town Band was first formed as the junior band for The Thornbury Town Band in 1980 after a while the band wanted its own identity and changed its name to the Thornbury Castle Band allowing all members of the local community to join the band both young and adults, the band has continued to work in the local community performing concerts at Fetes, Carnivals and Church functions, the band is also very proud of its charitable work that it carries out to aid local worthy causes. In 2011 the band changed its name to Thornbury Town Band.