About Us

Thornbury Town Band has been around for a long time and today prides itself in the work it carries out to support the local community around Thornbury, as well as the various summer fetes and indoor concerts that we carry out, the band also undertakes many jobs that support local organisations, these jobs can vary from joint concerts with other musical groups to raise money for church restoration projects, accompanying church carol singers outside of a local pub and playing for outdoor church services and carol services in the town centre.

The band has a very good mix of players, ages range from the early teens to the early seventies and there is a good mix of female and male players, the band is very much an equal opportunity organisation which encourages all players to achieve their full musical potential.

The band has a robust and comprehensive child protection policy which is overseen by our own DBS registered Child Protection Officer.

Thornbury Town Band is always striving to improve its playing ability and to play more complex music in order to give more varied concerts, one way of achieving this continual development is by competing in contests and the band aspire to enter two contests each year.

A quintessential British summer would not be the same without Cricket on the green or a traditional British Brass Band playing at a village fete or on a band stand in the park on a Sunday afternoon.

If you want to be a part of Thornbury Town Band or you want the band to participate in your event please contact the Band Secretary, details are on the Contact Us page.

Thornbury Town Band are a traditional British Brass Band, the instruments played by the members have not changed very much since Antoine-Joseph “Adolphe” Sax, a Belgian inventor, developed the saxhorn family during the mid-to-late 1830s and was patented in Paris in 1845. The Cornets that are played in traditional British Brass Bands were initially derived from the post horn around 1820 in France, among the first manufacturers of modern cornets was Parisian Jean Asté in 1828.